Smiles Dental Group Digital Overhaul

As the owner of YEG Digital, an Edmonton Web Design, and Edmonton SEO expert, my mission is to bolster the digital presence of local businesses. Recently, Smiles Dental Group, a renowned network of Edmonton Dentists, sought our help to modernize their website and SEO efforts.

The Challenge

Smiles Dental Group had been proactively striving to improve its SEO, having engaged external SEO experts and leveraging an internal team to manage their website. But despite their efforts, there was a disconnect. The website lacked a modern design, the SEO efforts were not yielding the expected results, and their online presence wasn’t effectively converting visitors into patients.

Our Strategy

Our team at YEG Digital rolled up our sleeves and started with an in-depth analysis of Smiles Dental Group’s website. Instead of a total rebuild, we decided on a meticulous section-by-section renovation. The goal? A fresh design, enriched content, and a strong focus on conversion optimization.

The newly designed sections exude a sleek, user-friendly vibe that aligns perfectly with Smiles Dental Group’s brand. We’ve ensured that each section of the custom WordPress site is not just appealing and easy to navigate, but also meticulously structured for SEO.

For the SEO overhaul, we did a comprehensive audit of previous efforts. Our task was to enrich and enhance the work that was done, ensuring it not just meets, but exceeds Google’s standards. We doubled down on local SEO optimization, reinforcing Smiles Dental Group’s visibility in Edmonton and other surrounding areas.

The Outcome

The transformation thus far has been remarkable. Each revitalized section of the website is drawing increased traffic and promoting greater user engagement, which in turn is boosting conversions. Our rigorous SEO work has thrust Smiles Dental Group onto the first page of Google search results, driving a notable increase in organic traffic and high-quality patient leads.

The rejuvenated website design, combined with our strategic SEO approach, now genuinely reflects the top-tier services offered by Smiles Dental Group. This has led to an influx of positive customer reviews and a significant rise in patient referrals.

Yet, this is just the beginning. We are continuously working on this project, fine-tuning elements of the website and honing the SEO strategy to further enhance Smiles Dental Group’s digital presence. As we move forward with this project, we will be frequently updating this post with the results of our ongoing efforts, so stay tuned for more success stories from this remarkable digital transformation.

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