Daryl Mcintyre


Daryl came to YEG Digital looking to take his website to the next level. His original site, based on the Wix platform, needed some overall design improvements and needed to improve its lead capture and conversion. We built the website on WordPress and worked with Daryl to optimize his content to really tell the story of who he is, his career, and what is next for Daryl Mcintyre.


Daryl’s main goal was to have a website that shared with visitors what he is working on now that his broadcasting career has come to an end and how his services could be used for a number of different opportunities.


We worked with Daryl to design a services based website that clearly communicates events Daryl can be hired for and why you want Daryl McIntyre to be a part of your next event. We created clear and concise content, built a clean and user-friendly layout that is easy to navigate, and created a lead capture form for booking Daryl’s services.


Daryl had a very clear idea of what he was looking for from his new website. By creating a site that allows users to find exactly what they are looking for fast, we helped Daryl create a platform that will help potential clients find and hire Daryl McIntyre in the next phase of his career.