Digital Marketing

Online advertising is the fastest and most targeted way to reach your customers. Stop paying to mass market your business. Get in front of the people that actually buy from you, their friends and their friends of friends.

Our Approach

When it comes to effective digital marketing, it all starts with us fully understanding your product, services and customers. We’ll dig through your website analytics, social analytics and customer data to discover insights and trends that will help us target new customers for you. 

Once we understand who we’re targeting, we’ll select the digital advertising platforms that will work best to reach those new customers. We work with you to define a digital marketing budget and then create ads that will get you results. We follow everything up with detailed reporting and recommendations for your next month or campaign.

Search Engine Advertising

When you think of ‘online advertising’, most people think of search ads. Search engine advertising is great for instantly getting to the top of those hard to rank competitive search keywords. Simply put, we target people that are looking for your products and services with search ads that get them to click. The best part, you only pay when they click on your ad. No wasted ad budget and no mass marketing. Just targeted ads to the right people.

Display Advertising

If you’re looking to enter into a new market or drive website visitors up, you need display advertising. Display advertising is a perfect solution for putting your brand, message and or campaign in front of a large amount of people within a specific geographical area. As part of a complete digital marketing strategy, we’ll use display advertising to drive customer awareness, phone calls and even store walk-ins. All of this and you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad! 

Social Media Advertising

From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Snapchat, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out how to reach your customers on each social media platform. It’s easy to waste time and money playing around with each social media websites advertising platforms, targeting options and ad sizes. We can take your social media headache away with an integrated and easy to understand social media advertising strategy that works. With proper targeting, ad creative and messaging, we’ll have you loving your social media ads as much as you love new sales. 

Audience Targeting

Understanding your customer, where they live online and how to target them is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Without proper targeting, you can easily waste thousands of advertising dollars showing your ads to people that will never buy your products or service. Every digital marketing campaign that we do includes a detailed targeting strategy that will put your Google search, Google Display, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads in front of the right people.

Audience Re-Marketing

You’ve spent your money and time driving traffic to your website with search, display and social ads. While some visitors may have bought your product, others just aren’t sure yet. This is where re-marketing comes in. With search, display and social re-marketing, we can target anyone that has been to your website with the same or different set of ads for 30, 60 and even 90 days! Re-marketing helps build your brand and remind your website visitors about your product and services before they buy from your competitors. 

Our Digital Advertising Platforms

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