Turnaround Rescue


Turnaround rescue needed a website designed to help connect their brand and their business to potential clients.


Turnaround Rescue approached YEG Digital to assist with two main goals: Create a logo and brand identity for their business
Create a website to connect their new business with potential clients


First off, we worked with the Turnaround Rescue team to gain a solid understanding of their business and the potential clients they were looking to connect with. From there, we worked with our graphic design team to create a simple and clean brand identity and logo.

Once we had the visual identity established, we created a clean and information based website that helps to communicate not only who Turnaround Rescue is but the essential training and services they offer in the field of emergency rescue. By creating a website that serves as an information hub, we were able to give them an added sales tool to use when talking to potential clients.


Within a short timeline, we were able to create a brand identity, logo, and help take Turnaround Rescue’s business online to help them grow their clientele.

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