Digital Tools

The Ultimate List of Digital Tools for your Business

Website Tools


WordPress is the most widely used website content management system in the world. You can use for free (with limitations) or install on your own server and get complete control of the platform. 


Shopify is a website platform (not WordPress related) that is specifically built for ecommerce websites. If you’re looking to sell physical products and goods, then considering Shopify as a platform is a good idea. 


Elementor is a free and paid WordPress page builder used by over 5 million websites around the world. We actually build all of our client websites using the Pro version of Elementor


Astra is a free and premium WordPress theme that is used around the world on many websites. It’s flexible, easy to use and paid versions to provide you with WordPress templates with just a couple of clicks. 

WordPress Hosting

When it comes to hosting your WordPress business website, you get what you pay for. We only recommend Kinsta, Flywheel and WP Engine for hosting as they provide the best support in the industry. Paying a little extra every month for great support is worth every penny.

Hiring Help


Clutch is a premier directory website for digital agencies from around the world. Getting reviews is VERY difficult on Clutch as they have such a rigorous review process. So every review can be trusted. 


If you’re feeling adventurous, hiring talent from all over the world is as easy as creating a free account on Upwork. Talent and pricing will vary depending on the skill and location of the talent you’re searching for. 

Google Reviews

When looking to hire an agency, make sure you read through the good and the bad of their Google reviews. Customers will often use Google as the first place to write a review of their experience. For people looking to pay for their services, 

Search Tools


Ubbersuggest is one of the easiest tools you can use to do keyword research. The Ubbersuggest platform is both free and paid, and offers many insights into your website and others. The Ubberseggust Chrome extension is also very helpful as it puts search result data right into your Google search results. 

Google Ads

Google Ads gives any business the opportunity to create and pay for digital ads that get placed at the top of specific search results or on websites around the world. Search ads are pay-per-click while display ads are pay per 1000 impressions. 

Social Media Tools


Buffer is an amazingly simple platform that allows you to automate the publishing of your content across many social platforms. 


Hootsuite has been around for a long time, and it’s for good reason. The Hootsuite platform allows you to view, plan, and create social content all from one window. 


The Later platform is great at one thing, Instagram. On Later, you can create posts, automate posting, comment, like, and so much more. Later is a simple tool that helps with all things Instagram. 

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