Spinal Cord Injury Alberta


SCI-AB came to YEG Digital looking for a website partner who could help them revamp their website to help communicate better the programs and services SCI-AB provides to its members. With a focus on clear navigation and usability, donation call to action, and better-organized content, YEG Digital transformed the SCI-AB website from outdated and difficult to user to clean, concise, and effective.


  1. Clear navigation bar with a focus on the high-level important sections
  2. Integrated donation forms throughout the website
  3. Focus on visual inclusivity and accessibility
  4. Functional classifieds and events calendar


We worked closely with the SCI-AB team to strategize how the various users interact with the website to outline and meet the various needs across the organization. This included meeting with staff of various roles and departments to understand thoroughly the needs across the organization.

With an overall focus on user experience, clear communication of content, and integration of important functionality items (events calendar, classifieds, etc.), YEG Digital transformed the SCI-AB site from a difficult to use and outdated website to an easy to navigate and easy to understand website. With a focus on getting people where they need to go fast on the website, we designed the layout with the various uses in mind. Main sections, such as Donation CTA’s, staff information, and programs and services offered by the organization, users that visit the website can easily navigate through the site and find the information they are looking for.


The SCI-AB site now allows users that some to the website a clear outline of the information they are looking for. The clean design and layout allow SCI-AB users to navigate throughout the various website sections to find and use the information and sections that are most relevant to them.