GLVT needed a revamp on their website to give a more professional feel. We redesigned their website to highlight their wide breadth of services and showcased photos of their projects to help attract new, higher budget clients.


GLVT’s website goals:
1. Simplify and clarify services
2. Showcase portfolio images more
3. Write better-converting content


With a goal to focus on the various services that GLVT offers, we started by blowing out their mean with a mega-menu showcasing all of the company’s services. This helps visitors quickly identify exactly what they are looking for to increase user experience. With each of the services, we wrote more complete content to explain clearly what GLVT provides and how they can help their customers.

We want to help GLVT gain higher-budget clients, so we focused on really building out their top 3 services and showcasing images of their projects to show potential new customers the high quality of work that GLVT brings to the table.


GLVT now has a modern, professional website that they can use to sell potential clients on why they should choose to work with GLVT for their open space needs.

glvt website design