Burke Group


Burke Group came to us initially to redesign their website. They had an outdated, poorly performing website that was not ranking and was not getting great traffic. Their goal was to update the website on WordPress, improve functionality, and increase optimization.


Burke’s goals for their website redesign included:

  1. Modern and clean overall design
  2. Better user-experience and easy to find information for customers
  3. Increased website traffic


Our website redesign included improving overall speed and functionality, increasing user-experience, and adding over 75 pages of content to their website. We focused on adding page content that explained to their customers what kind of products and services Burke haad to offer, as well as adding FAQ sections throughout the site, and adding forms on each product page to increase new leads.

Once the website redesign was complete, we turned our attention to improving SEO to start ranking on google, implementing digital marketing campaigns with custom landing pages on the website, implementing a new email marketing system for some of their larger clients, and initiating a new blog formula for the internal Burke marketing team to continue.


With the website redesign, we added over 75 pages of content to the site, improved their overall user-experience, and helped drive increased traffic to the site through organic search, digital marketing campaigns, email marketing, and blog content.