AB Corridor


The Alberta Innovation Corridor needed a website to serve as an information hub for their multiple initiatives. We helped create a dynamic landing page that clearly communicates what the AB Corridor is all about.


The AB Corridor came to YEG Digital with a goal of designing a single-page landing page that would help explain the various initiatives and priorities of the AB Corridor partnership and could serve as an information hub for future projects.


We met with the AB Corridor team to gain a solid understanding of the role of the partnership team – consisting of Calgary Economic Development, Innovate Edmonton, and Platform Calgary. Once we had a clear understanding of the initiatives of the AB Corridor, we set out to develop and design a dynamic information based website that the AB Corridor could use to communicate its purpose, ongoing projects, and important updates.

The result is a clean and simple, landing page with some unique visual elements that clearly outlines who the AB Corridor is, what their goals are, and where they are headed in the future


Working with a newly formed partnership initiative was an exciting opportunity for us. We love to create partnerships to help drive new businesses and new opportunities forward. Working with AB Corridor, we were able to help them take a massive step forward by bringing their purpose online for all to see.