YEG Meaning

What does YEG mean?

We're breaking down exactly what YEG stands for.

You may have come across the term “YEG” before and thought to yourself “what in the world does YEG stand for”? Don’t worry – you’re definitely not the first to be confused. In this short article, we’re explaining exactly what YEG stands for and why we chose the name YEG Digital.

What does YEG mean?

YEG is actually the International Air Transport Association code for the Edmonton International Airport. Originally, when assigning codes for airports, the letter Y was used for all airports with a weather station, and the letter W was used for any airport without one. Fun fact, all Canadian airport codes start with the Y.

The “E” in YEG reflects the city (Edmonton) and, being fully transparent, we aren’t entirely sure what the G stands for! But regardless, YEG has been widely adopted as the short-form term when referring to Edmonton.

Why is YEG used?

As we’ve already mentioned, YEG is used to identify the Edmonton International Airport and is the common 3-letter code used when traveling. However, in recent years, the use of YEG in everyday language has skyrocketed. YEG is a popular social media hashtag to follow for certain Edmonton-based events or activities. For example, #yegtattoo can be used to find Edmonton tattoo artists or #yegsandwiches is a good tag to look up to search out a delicious Edmonton sandwich shop. Those are just a few examples, open up Twitter or Instagram and type in the search for #yeg tags and you’ll find many options to follow to get better acquainted with what Edmonton has to offer.

The use of YEG isn’t just for social media either, a number of businesses have adopted the term YEG to connect more closely with locals. Whether it’s “The YEG Box” which is a company that proudly supports and showcases proudly produced within Edmonton or “YEG Live” which is a directory to find live music events in Edmonton, the term YEG helps connect local Edmontonians to events and businesses near to them. Another popular use of the term is in social networking groups, from “YEG Entrepreneurs” to “YEG Moms & Tots” groups. The term is frequently used to find others with mutual interests when looking to expand your network.

Why YEG Digital?

We chose to name our business YEG Digital because we are passionate about being an Edmonton local business. The original goal of the company was to provide support and services to local YEG businesses and to help build them great-performing websites. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services outside of just the YEG area, but we remain dedicated to serving businesses within our community.

As we grew, we did consider changing the name to be more reflective of our broadening customer base, but after some reflection, we decided to stay true to the original name. Though we now have customers all over the country, we are proudly based out of YEG and happy to call Edmonton home.

So there you have it! Now next time you come across the term YEG, you’ll know it for more than just the Edmonton International Airport code!

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