University Hospital Foundation Brain Campaign


The University Hospital Foundation Brain Campaign needed a website built as an information hub and as a portal to collect online donations to help support their Brain Centre and it’s affiliated programs.


The University Hospital Foundation Brain Campaign had their creative identity established, but needed to create a website where they could share more about what the UHF Brain Centre is working on and the ability to collect donations online from donors.


YEG Digital worked with the UHF Brain Campaign to build a website that served as an information hub for the various programs and initiatives that make the UHF Brain Centre a world class facility. In addition, we added online donation functionality to enable donors to donate to the Brain Campaign directly from their website.

Design-wise, we added in some movement, videos, and some custom functionality to create a clean and informative website. As always, with a back-end that is easy to manage to allow the University Hospital Foundation team to be able to edit the website and keep all of the information up-to-date without any headaches.


We’re passionate about working with charities and foundations, so this project was a rewarding one for us. We were able to assist in helping the growth and promotion of an essential medical support initiative within our home-town by creating this website for the University Hospital Foundation Brain Campaign.