Split Savvy


Split Savvy was a new start-up that was specializing in the divorce and finance market. They wanted to get their company out there and make a push to create valuable content to educate potential clients on managing finance through a divorce. Our approach focused on connecting visitors with a wealth of education and knowledge through the Split Savvy resources and creating a clean and modern designed website that encouraged users to connect with Split Savvy advisors.


Website design and development for Split Savvy​

  • Focus on education and content
  • Clean and fresh design

Blog search analysis for Split Savvy​ & Blog Writing


We created a modern design website that was focused on sharing information through online website content and the Split Savvy blog. The content serves to educate potential clients about divorce and how Split Savvy can help clients through the process.

We also conducted some data analysis to figure out topics for the blog based on questions people are asking and what kind of information users on the internet are searching for when it comes to divorce.

Sometimes great websites are relatively simple in the build-out but the value comes from the content and resources that are added to the site.