Northern Craftsman


Northern Craftsman came to YEG Digital looking to get their business online. Their expertise is in home renovation services and they knew they needed a professional’s hand in getting a simple website set up. We stepped in to get them set up and running without any delay in their business, allowing them to focus on what they’re great at!


Northern Craftsman is an Edmonton based home renovation company that did not have a website. They knew that in order to grow their business, they needed to get their company online. Jumping into a brand new website project can be intimidating, but with the help of YEG Digital, we worked with them to highlight key information about the company and their services and set them up with a website that would allow them to get in front of new clients.


Northern Craftsman specializes in home renovation services. We wanted to create a clean and simple website that would highlight their key services so that potential clients looking for their services would be able know exactly how Northern Craftsman could help. We created a very simple one page site that focused on 3 main areas: services, projects, and who Northern Craftsman is.

By keeping the website simple and informative, website visitors can find exactly what they are looking for right away. We also set up a contact form that allows potential clients to connect with Northern Craftsman without having to worry about any interruption in their business.


Having a website is a necessity for any business. But that doesn’t always mean there is a need for a fancy or highly complicated website. Sometimes, the key to website success, is keeping it simple. For Northern Craftsmen, we focused on exactly what they needed to get their business online and into the digital world.