New Image Installations


New Image Installations is a sub-company of our friends over at Option Construction. They needed to build out a website for New Image to start to share with customers that they can help with commercial canopy construction. We created a simple, easy-to-navigate website that explains to customers the services New Image Installations provides and helps customers connect with them.


The goal for this website was to get a simple and effective done up for the business that the company could use to start promoting this venture. We focused on a clean and professional design that showcased the services provided and how interested parties could get in touch.


As a fairly new business, the website for New Image Installations didn’t need to be fancy, just effective. It needed to be effective at communicating the services New Image provides and why potential customers should choose New image for the canopy construction needs. The website features a clean design, concise content, and a clear call to action.


Who says great websites need to be complicated? Sometimes the best websites are created to be simple and effective. That’s exactly what we accomplished with the New Image Installations website. We helped get this company started with a great website to start growing its online presence.