Love AB Forests


Love AB Forests is a campaign driven to encourage people to get out into the wilderness and to help people understand what is going on in the forests around Alberta. They were seeking a highly media heavy and visual driven website that would give people the idea of what it was like to be in the forest.


Love AB Forests came to YEG Digital with two main goals:

  1. Create a highly visually appealing website that would help captivate visitors to explore the website
  2. Share stories and useful information to help encourage people to get out into the Alberta Wilderness


YEG Digital worked with the Love AB Forests team to create a website that was highly captivating and heavy with different forms of imagery and media. The site encourages interactivity with the various areas of the website and encourages visitors to explore and read through the different articles and stories shared throughout the website. While the website is heavy with media and images, ensuring the site optimization and website loading speed was a high priority for YEG Digital.

We also work closely with the Love AB Forests team to put together a strategy to help drive users to the new website and to drive social engagement on their various social channels. We helped create an on-going strategy to increase website visitors and social media followers.


Love AB Forests is a great example of how creating a highly visual and appealing website can help visitors engage with your website if you have a platform and content that requires such interaction from your audience.