Leduc County


Leduc County connected with YEG Digital to get assistance on some overall digital strategy and help outlining areas of opportunity for the county to improve their overall website experience.


Leduc County approached YEG Digital to put together a digital improvement strategy that outlined these key areas:

  • Navigation
  • User Experience
  • Website Speed
  • Mobile Responsiveness


YEG Digital did an in-depth audit of the Leduc County website to outline some key areas of improvement on the website. Areas focused on simplifying the website navigation to help visitors find what they were looking for faster, eliminating some unnecessary website plugins to help improve the overall website download speed, simplifying the site and improving optimization to increase the overall user experience and ensuring that the entire website was reset for optimal mobile responsiveness.

We did not execute the work for Leduc County but rather created a detailed document outlining our suggested areas for improvement and shared our findings with the Leduc County management and IT team.


We don’t always work on our client’s websites when they have an internal team to complete the work. We do, however, offer the opportunity to consult with us to get an outsider’s perspective on how a company’s website experience can be improved. Being able to give professional recommendations on how to improve a business’s digital experience often results in a great partnership between businesses.