Independent Jewelers


Independent Jewelers came to us to help put together a digital marketing and website optimization plan to increase their brand awareness and out-compete local competitors.


Independent Jewelers came to us shortly after they had revamped their Shopify website. Now that they had a functioning eCommerce website, they needed help with some digital strategy. Their main goals were:

  1. Increase overall website traffic
  2. Increase brand awareness and identify unique brand differentiators to help set them apart from competitors
  3. Create a 6 month digital marketing strategy that would aide in the first two goals and also increase online purchases


Our partnership with Independent Jewelers started with an in-person meeting at their showroom. Being the largest jewelry showroom in Canada we wanted to see this in person! A key to creating a solid digital strategy is to know what sets you apart from your competitors and showroom size is definitely one for Independent Jewelers. We sat down with their marketing team to outline some additional brand differentiators and discuss how their digital marketing could work hand in hand with some website optimization to achieve their outlined goals.

After our initial meeting, we worked together to outline a 6 month digital marketing plan that included Google Display campaigns, Google Merchant Shopping Campaigns, Google Search Ads, and overall website optimization. We pair this strategy with monthly meetings to review, analyze, and recommend adjustments to campaigns in order to improve performance and learn what campaigns are showing success for the client. Our digital marketing is an on-going partnership with Independent Jewelers to help them see continued success.


From setting out clear goals and identifying key campaign ideas, we have worked with Independent Jewelers to set up an initial 6 month advertising plan that will grow into a 12 month and on-going digital marketing partnership that will help Independent Jewelers grow their market share, out-rank competitors, and increase overall sales.