Inclusion AB


Inclusion AB needed an additional microsite to manage their donations. We took a static and out-dated landing page and created a complete site dedicated to helping educate about donations, manage the booking process, and automate the communication.


Inclusion AB came to us needing a solution to help manage and automate their donation booking process. Their top goals were:

  1. Educate people about what can be donated, how scheduled pick-up donations works, and where donation bins are located
  2. Improve the booking process for scheduled donation pick-ups
  3. Automate the communication when a scheduled pick up was booked


To kick off this project, we sat down with the Inclusion AB team to get a solid understanding of the process they currently had in place for managing their donation bookings. Through this, we found they were running a very manual process that involved lots of staff hours. We were able to create an entire microsite accessible from their main site that the main goal was to address all of the information around donations.

Through the site, potential customers can schedule a pick-up at their home for their donations, find a donation bin located near them, and learn more about what can be donated. We created a completely automated process to schedule a donation pick up. This included auto-emails, reminder emails, and multiple text message reminders to customers. The “Find a Donation” tool we built allows customers to search for bins located near their homes if they are not on a donation pick-up route.


We designed a complete new microsite for Inclusion AB, built a custom map search tool, built an automated booking and communication process, and wrote helpful content to educate people looking to donate.