Heartland Ford


Heartland Ford came to us looking for a complete digital marketing partnership. Starting with some website customization, optimization and strategy, and moving into sales and leads pipelines, automation, and process implementation. Finally, we helped develop a number of digital marketing campaigns to help increase sales and service leads within the dealership.


Heartland Ford came to YEG Digital looking for the following:

  • Website customization
  • CRM consultation services
  • Digital marketing campaign strategy
  • Assistance creating sales and service pipelines and funnels
  • Assistance automating the lead intake process from their website


YEG Digital has extensive experience in the automotive marketing world so working with Heartland Ford was a breath of familiar air. We worked with their team to create a full 360 Digital Marketing and Lead Funnel process within their dealership. Starting with some customization on the front end of the website we updated the dealership’s website to increase conversion and see higher engagement rates. From their, we consulted with the internet sales team to look at the CRM processes within the dealership and help outline some more robust sales and service internet lead funnels. We worked closely with their CRM team to implement some new processes to help automate the online lead process and help get customers through the lead funnel faster and more efficiently.

Once we outlined some internal process changes, we outlined a month by month digital marketing campaign strategy to help build on the monthly OEM incentives and to help the dealership achieve a more steady flow of leads for both the sales and service departments. We refer to this as a 360 Digital Marketing plan because it looks at the entire process from start to end and outlines key action items to help drive and convert customers through the entire process.


YEG Digital worked closely with the Heartland Ford team to really rethink how their internet lead process ran. By digging into website opportunities, internal CRM processes, and creating lead generation opportunities we were able to drive traffic and increase conversions at the dealership.