Haven Shop


Haven Shop needed a strategy on connecting their analytics from their main website to their Shopify site and a way to use their analytics to closely measure and report on digital ROI.


Haven Shop is an online eCommerce retailer and came to YEG Digital with a need to connect the analytics from their main site and their Shopify site and to then use those analytics to analyze shopping behaviours, conversion metrics, and overall ROI.


We worked with the Haven Shop team to seamlessly combine the online analytics from both of their site feeds into one dashboard where they would have a high-level look into the digital performance of their online business.

We helped them create a digital reporting strategy to help measure site traffic, track shopping behaviours, track cart abandonment rates, study top visited pages, report on conversions, and ultimately have a clear insight into their overall ROI.


Understanding your digital analytics is an important step in analyzing the digital “health’ of your online business. We were able to help Haven Shop create a strategy and plan around digging into their website’s analytics to understand what was happening on their site and how to use that data to make decisions to improve their online ROI.