Expert Training Solutions


We met Gord from Expert Training Solutions through a Facebook Advertising Course YEG Digital hosted in January 2020. After that course, we connected with Gord and discussed his goals and vision for his Online Learning business. After learning what Gord was looking to accomplish, we spend the next few months working on an in-depth digital discovery and strategy process together. From this process, we created a clear outline of what the website needed to accomplish to help Gord grow his business. Once we had a gameplan in place, we set out to build a brand new website for Expert Training Solutions that took potential clients through the process Gord uses to help his customers and helps them self identify where they are at in their own online education journey’s and how Gord can step in to help them.


The goals for ETS were:
– Outline clearly Gord’s 5-Step Process
– Help potential clients self-identify exactly where they are at and how Gord can help
– Mobile Optimization
– Video Integration


Our website discovery process is a great way for not only us but also our clients to get a really clear understanding of what they want their website to do for them and how it should function to help further their business. We completed a 30-day discovery process with Expert Training Solutions and at the end, had an actionable strategy on how to design the website to serve as an extra arm for Gord’s business. We knew we needed to have clear content, explanation videos, and a user-friendly journey through the website to help clients understand why they need Expert Training Solutions to help build their online education systems.

Following the discovery phase, our team set to work writing and editing great content for the “5-Step Process” of Expert Training Solutions, the main focus of the new website. We focused the design around leading people through the process and offering a clear understanding of exactly what ETS offers. With the help of explanation videos, helpful imagery, and other resources, we were able to build a website that Gord can now use as an effective sales tool for potential customers.


We set out to build a website for Expert Training Solutions that would help them use the website as an effective tool to grow their business. With great content, a clean design, and a process that walks users through the business of ETS, the result was a success. We always want to create websites that help our clients grow their business and working with ETS, this was a prime example of how taking the time to understand and outline how you want your website to work for your business results in a website that helps rather than hinders.