Dreams Take Flight


Dreams Take Flight needed a solution to integrate their 10 separate chapter websites into one integrated website that gave access to each individual chapter to make content updates and edits.


Dreams Take Flight came to us with a complex integration need. They had 10 separate chapter websites that were not working in conjunction with each other. Their main goal was to take the 10 websites and integrate them into one front-facing website. From there, they wanted to grant access to each chapter individually for them to go into their page and make any necessary content updates or changes.


The Dreams Take Flights websites were all built on an old version of WordPress. Our first order of business was to take the content from each of the separate websites and migrate it into one parent website. From there, access was granted to each chapter so that they could log in to edit their page, but not make any changes anywhere else on the website. This was a lot of custom accessibility set-up on the back-end of wordpress to manage the custom access levels.

In addition to the accessibility build-out, we also integrated a custom donation platform within the site that allows donors to donate directly on the main website. This giving platform also manages monthly automated donations, yearly donation tax receipts, and donor thank you letters.


By taking the clients 10 separate websites and migrating them all into one, we were able to create a much better user experience not only for the client, but also for the client’s customers. By having access to all of the information in one website, it makes it easier to find all of the information. Plus, with the custom accessibility options, each individual chapter retained their ability to control the content applicable to their chapter on their own individual page on the website.