Cole Hofstra Photography


Cole Hofstra is a Calgary based wedding photographer that needed to take his business online. In a highly competitive market, Cole wanted a brand and a website that would help him stand out from the competition.


Cole Hofstra came to YEG Digital looking to take his wedding photography business online. He wanted to build a brand that would showcase his work and create a website that would show clients his portfolio, share a bit more about himself, and ultimately lead to more bookings.


We worked with Cole to build a clean and simple brand for his business and built a website that focused heavily on imagery. Understanding the audience that Cole was trying to capture, we knew we needed to create a visually appealing website that encouraged visitors to look through Cole’s portfolio.

As a photographer, Cole constantly has new content to upload so ensuring that the website management was easy to use was key to helping Cole keep his website up to date with fresh content and images.


The world of wedding photography is very competitive. However, once Cole’s new website was launched, he has seen consistent bookings for 2 years out from the current date. The new website helped grow Cole’s business and ensures he is able to stand out from the competition.