Coaching New Drivers


Coaching New Drivers is a new driver training program. They came to us looking to launch an affiliate program on their website that would help drive traffic and ultimately increase sales of the training program.


Coaching New Driver’s came to us with two main goals:

  1. Create a sales page for their affiliate training program
  2. Drive traffic to the website and increase sales of the training course


We worked with the Coaching New Drivers team to create the main sales page that outlined the details of their training course and affiliate program. We built the page as a leads funnel page with the goal to drive visitors of the website to purchase the training program. By including an overview of the course, highlights of the coaches, video testimonials, and new driver facts and statistics, we built a content-rich website that encourages visitors to “keep scrolling” to find out more information. All of the calls to action either drive the visitor further down the site or to the sales page to purchase the course content.

After the site launched, we worked with the Coaching New Driver’s internal team to build out a digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to the website. As the course covers content relevant throughout Canada and the United States, we created a digital marketing strategy that targets a relevant audience throughout the two countries.


After launch, the Coaching New Drivers Program saw an increase in both traffic to their new web page as well as sales of the training program, showing that a well developed website is a key factor in achieving your digital business goals.