Canadian Skin Cancer Society


The Canadian Skin Cancer Society had an old Wix based website that they could not access to update any content. They needed a platform where they could easily manage the back-end of the website while maintaining a user-friendly front-end.


The Canadian Skin Cancer Society really had one goal when we initially met with them: be able to manage the website themselves. Their site was originally built on a Wix platform, but they did not have the capability to log in to edit or manage any of their own website content. They wanted a new website that had a clean, user-friendly interface with an easy to manage backend experience.


We worked with the Canadian Skin Cancer team to migrate the content from their old website to a brand new WordPress website. We focused on easy usability with a mobile responsive design for the front-customer facing website. Ensuring we kept information in an easy-to-find format so that visitors could find exactly what they were looking for as soon as they visited the website. We also worked with their donation platform integration and the integration of the Google Apps Suite.

Knowing they needed an easy to manage back end, we built out a custom dashboard on the back end of their new WordPress website to ensure they could log in and easily manage all of the content on their website. We also spent a day with their team post-launch to train any necessary personnel on how to log into the back end of the website and make any changes that they needed. This allowed them to have the confidence and ability to manage their own website without having to always rely on us to make changes.


Having a website is essential. Having a website that you cannot manage yourself is a bit of a headache. We were able to migrate the Canadian Skin Cancer website to an easy to manage WordPress website that allows the client to make any necessary content changes they need in a quick and easy fashion. We’re always here to support our clients, but we also believe in giving our clients the knowledge and tools they need to maintain their own website long after launch.