Avalon Dental


Avalon Dental needed assistance updating their old website to something more modern and fresh. They also were looking for help with on-going website maintenance and on-going website strategy to help gain more clients.


Avalon Dental came to YEG Digital with two main goals:

  1. Refresh old website to something more clean and modern
  2. Create an on-going website strategy to increase website users and ultimately convert them into clients


We took Avalon Dental’s old, outdated website and gave them a refreshed clean, modern, and mobile friendly website. We integrated videos, online booking, and a services area to highlight their dental specialties. The new website showcases the dental office, why it’s a great place for patients, and helps connect website visitors with what they are most commonly looking for: online booking and information on available services.

We also set up an on-going website maintenance plan with Avalon Dental to help them with monthly website updates that they wanted us to take care of. In addition to the website maintenance plan, we developed some key website strategy tips for the Avalon Dental team to complete over time to help increase web traffic and turn that traffic into converting customers.


Dentistry is a competitive market and Avalon Dental knew they wanted to stand out. We worked with them to create a modern and converting website that helps them drive more people to the website and convert those people into new Avalon Dental patients.