Auto Arriba


Auto Arriba is an app that is designed to help private car shoppers apply for financing or refinancing through the website or the mobile app. Auto Arriba came to us after the mobile app functionality had been completed and needed help naming the app, creating a brand, building the website, and creating a marketing plan to launch in the Edmonton area.


The company that developed the app for Auto Arriba came to YEG digital with 3 main goals:

  1. Help name and brand the mobile financing app
  2. Create a website for the app
  3. Create a marketing launch plan


First step in this project was to come up with the name Auto Arriba and develop the brand around the name. Once that was complete, we focused on building a website that helped build some content around what the goal and use of the mobile app was and why a consumer should use the Auto Arriba financing app. The website takes a potential consumer through how the app works, provides helpful tools like loan calculators, and offers an live online chat tool to help answer any potential questions.

Once the name, brand,and website were complete, we worked with the Auto Arriba team to create a marketing launch plan that focused on the Edmonton area to start getting the word out about Auto Arriba and how it can help auto shoppers get financing. The launch plan focused on Facebook, Google, and YouTube advertising to get in front of shoppers during their car buying journey.


This was a complete marketing strategy and design project that started from ground zero. We helped create the name and brand for the company and then from there, create an online presence and develop a strategy to get the new app in front of potential new customers.