Alternate Route Coffee


We worked with Alternate Route Coffee to redesign their old website with a focus on user experience, e-commerce, and visual design.


Our goals for the new Alternate Route Coffee website were:

  • Transfer current website to E-Commerce WordPress website
  • Improve online store user experience and ensure product taxes can be customized
  • Integrate wholesale member login and order portal
  • Focus design on conversion and mobile optimization


We took the Alternate Route website and rebuilt it on WordPress. Their previous website had been done when the company first launched on Wix and, while great for the start-up phase of the business, they needed a more robust site that would allow them to streamline their online store model, provide a wholesale experience for their customers, and elevate the brand to match the growth the company has experienced.

We designed the ARC website to be focused on the product, their coffee. From captivating product visuals to a crisp and easy-to-use online store, the new website was focused on improving the user experience of the website and increasing online sales.


With the launch of the new website, Alternate Route now has an online store that matched their growth in their brand. The online store assists their new brick-and-mortar location to reach a wider audience and to get their delicious coffee into more households in Alberta and across Canada. We were so excited to be part of this project and highly recommend their coffee to any fellow java lovers out there!