90 Years


United Cycle is a locally owned and operated Edmonton business that has been around for over 90 years. To celebrate their 90 year anniversary, they wanted a website created that shared the timeline of their business.


United Cycle has been in business in Edmonton for over 90 years and the commemorate this achievement, they wanted to create a simple timeline based website that outlined the last 90 years of their business.


YEG Digital sat down with United Cycle to learn all about the last 90 years of business for United Cycle. 90 years is a huge achievement and United Cycle wanted to celebrate this milestone with a website that took visitors through the timeline of events over the last 90 years that helped United Cycle get to where they are today.

We created a website that flows like a major timeline and incorporates images, videos, articles, and stories of United Cycle over the last 90 years. The site is mainly informative and used mostly as a fun highlight to share with customers and the city as thanks for the support over the last 90 years.


The 90 Years website that we helped United Cycle design is a celebration of 90 years in business. Not meant to drive business or large amounts of traffic, the website is mainly a reflection on 90 years in business and the community that helped United Cycle reach such an amazing achievement.